Machine Learning, Analytics and Software Development For Business Needs

We are a team of professionals with more than 15 years of expertise in helping businesses achieve greater results, optimize resources and solve their painful problems with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
We constantly design and implement machine learning projects, data analytics, web-services, e-commerce solutions,
private analytic systems, data scrapping projects, data processing pipelines and many more.

We are focused on problem-solving and don't want our customers' resources to be uselessly spent: If a simple solution is the best way to solve your problem, we will ALWAYS propose it first.

This is the way we achieve that famous level of productivity.
Our team members are always improving - we have certified Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and MongoDB experts.
Natural Language Processing
Extracting the business value from your text data
  • Dialog Systems / Chatbots
    You have a tech support team and want to answer some common questions automatically, or just want to lower the support team load.

    We build a chatbot, which classifies incoming tickets, responds when it can using state-of-the-art technologies and neural networks (such as BERT) and switches the dialog to human operator only if it is necessary.
  • Sentiment Analysis
    You want to know what people are thinking about your company.

    We can build a scraper of news sites or social networks and build ML models, which can provide a sentiment score for any particular message or for the entire people segment. Also, we can develop a web application, where you can explore the results in real time.
  • Clustering / Topic Modeling
    You have a delivery company and wish to find ways to improve your business to optimize problem solving for your customers.

    We download your users' feedback and extract meaningful problems from the collection of texts, provide specific examples supporting our findings and suggest ways your business might be improved.
  • Spam Filtering / Fake messages detection
    You have a tech support window on the website and receive huge amount of spam messages. Or, you have an e-commerce website, and people are leaving fake reviews for your products or create fake listings (they don't have a real product, but upload stock photos and copy-paste product descriptions from the internet) and cheat others.

    We build a system that detects such malicious user behavior in real time with reasonable precision and recall.
  • Text summarization / Keyword extraction
    Based on text descriptions within real estate sale listings, mine data to locate only those properties that interest the buyer (near the subway, quiet place, high ceiling) and update database in real time.
Computer Vision
We develop systems that find objects on the photos, classify them, and then make decisions based on the results
License Plate Detection
Detect and recognize car plate numbers, in order to automatically manage access to the territory
Object counting
Count the humans in order to measure popularity for a new restaurant spot
Spatial Data Analysis
We analyze city data from different angles
  • Loc2Vec
    Building embeddings for city locations
  • Look Alike Points
    In The City Search
    Find the most suitable locations for your type of business within a city
  • Commercial Property
    Price Prediction
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